Inflatable SUPs and Winter Travel


Inflatate and Go!  Want the ultimate portable SUP solution?  Maybe an inflatable paddleboard package is the best solution for your life.  If you are space-challenged or have a vehicle without a roof rack, an inflatable board kit can be stored in the trunk or backseat with ease. Or take it with you on our Winter vacation…

Inflatable boards are light to carry, easy to store, and the perfect solution for adventurous travelers and those who live in condos / apartments / VW Vans but still want a good performing board.

We have the widest range of Inflatables in the region, maybe even B.C.

  • Red Paddle: Ride, Sport and Explorer Series
  • Twin Fish:  Trek series including the new ATB 11’2
  • Starboard:  Touring and All Rounders
  • Yolo Inflatables

See them all here-

Inflatable Tech 101:  What about the thickness of a board?

  • 4″ thick boards are best for lightweight paddlers and perform better in the surf
  • 4.75″ to 6″ thick boards offer more flotation, stiffness and the ability handle more weight (think gear, kids, dogs, etc.)
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