Safe and Secure


Traveling and want to make sure your board stays on your roof racks?  Or need some protection to keep it away from the elements? Here are a few things to keep your board safe and secure.

Locking Straps & Locks: Kanulock straps can be used on the top of your vehicle racks or other places where you can lock up your board.  They include two sets of keys and come in a variety of lengths.  Simple and easy to use.  Or use a Dockslocks to lock up your board with a cable.

  • Kanulock Locking Straps – Available in variety of lengths for 1,2, or more boards
  • DocksLock – Connects to the leash plug on your board with a long cable.

SUP Board Bags: Storing and traveling with your board inside a Board Bag will keep it away from the elements (wind, rain, heat, flying rocks).  Great for traveling and storage.
– > Available in a variety of styles and prices:

  • Kalavida 10’8 (fits most all-rounders and 10’6 compact touring boards)
  • Kalavida 11’6 (fits most all-rounder and touring boards up to 11’6 in length)
  • Kalavida 12’6 and 14′ – Padded board with features for most race and touring style SUPS
  • FCS Classic Bags – Basic protection
  • FCS Paddled Bags – 12’6 and 14′ Bags – (Best fit for most performance and touring boards)

Storage Racks: Store your board in the garage, house or wherever you have space.  Keeps it way from getting bumped, scratched, etc.

– > Available in three styles from Calfin:

  • Ceiling (U-shape)
  • Elbow (Angle Wall)
  • Rack style (L-shape)


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