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Tahoe Introduces Sport Editions


Tahoe SUP has established itself as the leader in the touring SUP market and have mastered the design of boards that truly come alive in touring conditions – a perfect choice for inland lakes and mild ocean choppy conditions. Their boards are nicely complimented by a function-driven line of custom accessories that includes paddles, fins, packs, apparel and the Buddy Pad, an attachable non-skid pad for your dog.

For 2014, they have introduced a new Sport Edition for both the Zephyr and Bliss models – They include refined shapes, more volume and a new graphic touch.


New Tahoe ‘Sport’ Editions

New Boards will be arriving in early March.

In Stock

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  • 12’6 Bliss Classic
  • 12’6 Zephyr Classic
  • Grom – 9’6 Kids touring board

Click their sign below to check out their website (it’s a pretty cool)

Donation helps keep Kal Lake Blue


Kalamalka Lake is widely recognized as the Okanagan’s most pristine watery playground and has become a popular destination for Standup Paddleboarding (SUP) in the province. With the increase in popularity comes a level of responsibility to help maintain the lake’s colourful and clean waters. Kalavida Surf Shop is proud to announce a donation of $1,500 to SPKL (The Society for the Protection of Kalamalka Lake) to help with their efforts to educate, activate and inform the public about the various issues that continue to challenge the watershed.

The 18-km freshwater lake is enjoyed by all types of water sports both motorized and human powered and as public usage increases, so do the challenges of keeping it clean and safe. Kalavida is an ongoing partner with SPrKL and is proud to help protect and preserve what many consider one of the best places to paddle in the region. Many of the local paddle boarders are members of the society and act as ambassadors throughout the year.

“Our events and activities have helped establish Vernon as a destination for the sport so with that increase in activity, we felt it was our responsibility to take a proactive approach” said Michelle Mitchell of Kalavida. “Our shop is across from Kalamalka Beach and that allows us to monitor it each day throughout the busy months.” The donation helps the Society pay for a variety of tests and activities that help keep the lake healthy and safe. The local watershed is popular for all types of local recreation and acts as a source of drinking water for residents in the region.

The SUP community as a whole continues to dedicate efforts to a variety of environmental causes – A group that includes two of Kalavida’s own ambassadors; Bob Purdy (SUPLove/Paddle for the Planet) and Norm Hann (Boardworks/Standup for Greatbear). The 5th Annual Kalamalka Classic SUP Festival is scheduled for August 30 & 31 and will serve as the primary fundraiser for SPKL in 2014. For more details about SPKL and Kalavida, visit their websites at and

Traveling with & Storing your board


If you travel often and plan on taking your board with you on longer trips, you may consider a travel bag and locking straps to keep it clean and out of harms way. For all higher-end boards including race boards, touring boards and anything made with carbon, a Board Bag is an essential part of your equipment. Same goes for all-rounders when it comes to traveling long distances. During the summer, heat can play a big factor and in the fall and spring, rocks and debris on the road can cause the damage (much in the way they crack windshields).

Look for bags with quality zippers, straps and clips. Most bags come with a shoulder strap. Bags that offer 3/4 or full zippers are the easiest to load-in and load-out your bags so you may consider that a handy feature as well. We carry a variety of board bags to protect all types of boards – each with their own set of features. We carry the following:

  • FCS 12’6 and 14′ Race/Touring Bags
  • FCS DayRunners – Various sizes
  • Riviera 12’6 and 14′ Race/Touring Bags
  • XM Board Bags – Various Lengths
  • Pro-Lite Bags

We stock Kanulock locking straps in three sizes. Easy to use and available in 3 lengths’ 2.5m, 4m, and 5.4m.

If you are looking for a way to store your board safely, consider using a racking system to keep it away from busy areas. We stock the Calfin ceiling racks that easily mount to your ceiling or wall. All hardware included. $65.00 / set of 2. In stock now.

Custom Gift Certificates Now Available

Know someone who wants to try Standup? Or maybe you’re not sure what kind of accessory would be best? We now offer several types of Gift Certificates. Pick from ‘Intro to SUP’ courses, Board rentals, 6-pack Punch passes, and general certificates for the shop.

Need a customized GIFT CERT? – We

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can do that to – Email us at for details.

Introductory Specials:

– $60.00
Includes INTRO TO SUP COURSE + Kalavida T-shirt

Includes INTRO TO SUP COURSE + (2) 1-hour Rentals + Kalavida T-shirt

Includes (7) 1-hour rentals + Kalavida


Transporting your SUP with a bike!

Meet the SUP MULE. An easy

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your bicycle. The MULE is a new and unique way to transport your board(s) and ALL your gear to the break or waters edge in one effortless trip.


  • Two piece durable fabric
  • Universal tail piece fits all boards
  • STS nose piece has a handle strap and a pocket for wax, leash, and personal items
  • Tube tires with plastic mag wheels and quick release pins
  • Breaks down and sets up within seconds
  • Packs in a 12″x 28″x 3″ travel bag for easy storage

Now available at Kalavida: $149

Goes with you ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE. *No permanently attached bicycle rack. No hardware. No tools needed. NO MORE HASSLES!!! * Hands free controlled ride with little or no wind resistance.

Getting into Stand Up? Read me:

Thinking about getting into the sport? If you’ve made it this far, then you have already been thinking about Stand Up Paddle (SUP) so we can skip introductions and get to the point. By now you will have visited a plethora of websites, each with a different way of presenting the sport. If you look at the sport and wonder whether you can do it….. well, you can. Within minutes, you’ll be standing up on the board for the first time. If you’re thinking about purchasing a board but had some questions, keep reading to find out more about the sport and how to choose the right equipment.

What is the ‘best’ season to SUP?

For us in the Okanagan, the ‘best’ season depends on your own weather threshold and enthusiasm. While summer is the obvious answer (June-September), the lakes in

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the region offer up variable conditions throughout the year. Spring is full of weather swings which serves up all types of conditions from pristine flatwater days to wind-blown afternoons and plenty of opportunities to catch a wave or a good ‘downwinder’. Fall offers plenty of calm and peaceful days to enjoy the beauty of the lakes without the boats buzzing around and winter is serene and cool.

The question that comes to mind “What if I fall in” can be answered in several ways. On most occasions in winter, we wear wetsuits on the iffy weather days but if it’s a calm , we may want to look at layers to keep you warm and comfortable. Anyone who is keen to brave the winter conditions (like Bob Purdy of Kelowna), you have to find a balance between staying warm and reducing the risk of an unfortunate plunge. A wetsuit or drysuit will keep you warm but on near zero days, you can overheat and if you are a confident paddler, your chances of a water landing are very slim.

What to wear for cold water?

If you live near the ocean, then your apparel should reflect more inconsistent weather and you may consider packing a range of clothing in case conditions change quickly. The SUP industry is scrambling on the design front and so far one of the best solutions for those ‘iffy’ days is the Quiksilver Paddle Jacket. If you do get wet, you’re still going to stay warm.

Choosing the right board

All-Rounders: The basic ‘all-around’ Stand Up paddle board is longer and more buoyant than a surfboard but retains the basic outline and shape. The term ‘All-around’ is used to describe these types of boards and they can be used for all types of paddling; for surfing, flatwater, lakeshore cruising and even mellow river runs. Although they aren’t built for speed, they do come in a wide variety of lengths, width’s and thickness, all of which can effect the board’s performance. As a general guideline, these characteristics apply:

  1. Length – Longer equals more glide and sometimes more stability
  2. Width – Wider equals more stability but less glide
  3. Thickness – Thicker equals more stability and more volume (Buoyancy)

SUP is really a sport of inches when it comes down to small differences though – see a few examples:

  • A board 12’6 long by 30″ wide can be LESS stable than a 12′ long by 32″ wide board
  • A 10’6 by 31″ wide board with a thickness of 4.5″ is MORE stable than an 11′ by 29.75″ board

Displacement Hull: For those who want to do more touring, racing, flatwater cruising and maximize your speed, then these types of boards are for you. They also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are designed to for better glide and efficiency. Typically they feature a canoe style or thick shaped nose, thick rails and overall, more volume than all-round SUP boards. By design, they are built for speed.

Is that all you do? Just Paddle? (A common question about the sport)
SUP is no doubt one of the most versatile water sports and if you live near both the lakes and oceans, then you in luck. Here’s a look at the different types of SUP’ing. Here in the Okanagan, we’re spoiled with so many great lakes and rivers.

  • Surfing – Ocean
  • Surfing – Behind a boat or on ocean freighter’s wake
  • Surfing – On lakes such as the Great Lakes
  • Downwinders – Riding huge swells on the ocean
  • Downwinders – Riding with the wind at your back on lakes and rivers
  • Flatwater – Leisure paddling on lakes and rivers
  • Flatwater – Racing short and and long distance courses
  • Flatwater – Training, cross-training, fitness development, core training, recovery
  • Whitewater – River runs and surfing on Class I-V rivers

Learning Curve (Zero-Standing in seconds)

Standing up on the board for the first time is a fairly simple achievement and doesn’t require any pre-training or experience – just average balance. It’s a pretty amazing feeling when you get up for the first time too.

Assuming you have relatively calm water conditions, you should be able to stand up in less than a minute. From there, you’ll have to ‘feel’ out the board and get used to finding your balance as you start to paddle around. For some, the transition will feel easy while others will need more time to get used to the ‘tipsy’ feeling of walking on water. Longer boards with thicker rails (side of the board) have more ‘volume’ which will help you feel more stable and balanced. As a general rule, if you weigh more than 180

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lbs, pick a board that has a volume rating of 185 Liters or more.

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