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Naish One 12’6 Inflatables in stock!


Did you know that two of the events at the Kalamalka Classic are focused on the Naish One?  Yup – You can even rent one of their 12’6 One inflatables for the Recreational Race, WikiHolo or even the Kalamalka Crossing.

If you’re looking to purchase one, we have a limited number of them just in time for the Long weekend.  The board has been very popular this year along with other inflatable boards. If you’re interested in renting or purchasing one, call the shop to reserve one today.


  • Hassle free storage and transport
  • Lightweight (24 lbs.) and can be carried with ease – on your back, on a bike, in your car
  • Easy to handle & travel with – stores in a backpack, can be checked on a plane, no excess baggage, no roof racks needed
  • Fast and highly competitive for paddlers of any weight or size
  • Nearly indestructible and ding proof
  • Soft touch surface is safer in terms of cuts, scrapes, and bruises


  • Canvas Carry Pack – Take it on the plane!
  • High Pressure Pump
  • Repair Kit
  • Removable Centre Fin

See all of our inflatables here
Check out the NISCO Race program around the ‘One’

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One stop SUP Shop


You might be looking to get into the sport but wondering how to transport a board (0r two), or at the very least get it from the shop to your place.  A permanent rack on your roof is the long term solution but to keep costs down, check out the FCS SUP Soft Rack system.  It attaches easily to most car roof-tops and is easy to use.

We stock just about everything you need including soft racks, straps, board bags, SUP wheels, glow lights, leashes and more.  Plus, we can ship across the country.  Just call the shop to find out more.  Here’s a peek at what we have available -

Accessories for SUP:

  • SUP Board Bags: FCS Board Bags, Dakine, Surftech, Riviera Paddlesurf
  • Dakine Water Packs (Hip and Shoulder)
  • FCS, Dakine SUP and Surf Leashes (Standard, Coil and new Straight/Coil)
  • Traction Pads (Dakine, FCS, NSI, Surftech)
  • Paddle blade covers and paddle bags (FCS, Dakine)
  • EZ-Plugs and Lash-it Kits
  • Drybags / Travel bags
  • Rail Tape (Clear tape for rails of your board)
  • FCS Soft Rack Pads (in case you don’t have a roof rack)
  • FCS Tail Gate Pads
  • Dakine Rack Pads
  • Ceiling Racks for boards
  • Locking Straps and other connectables

Accessories for the Beach:

  • Flip-Flops:  Sanuk, Havaianas, Quiksilver, Rip Curl
  • Sunscreen: Zinka, Sex Wax
  • Towels
  • Bamboo BBQ Sets (huh?)… you gotta seem these
  • Frisbees
  • Hacky Saks
  • Dashboard Hulas
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Rental Punch Cards


The water is warming up quickly and the rental season is already in motion.  Daily rentals are available on Kalamalka Lake or you can rent boards and take them to your own private destination.  Here’s a great opportunity for anyone who thinks they might want to rent more than a couple of times this year!  We now have 4 and 6 pack RENTAL PUNCH PASSES in stock -

All you have to do is pay for the card up front and we just punch it when you show up to get a board.  Saves you valuable time and money (almost $50 for the 6-pack!)  Plus, the new Okanagan Rental & Demo Centre is now home to the largest rental and demo fleet in the region.  Click the 6-pack for more details>

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BOGA Boards in stock


Boga Boards…. A rider-owned company out of California who produces a growing range of boards for fitness, yoga and healthy living.  Clean lines, great shapes and a good quiver of all-rounders, displacement and of course, the Boga Yoga.

More styles and colours arriving this week. Here’s a peek at a handful of boards.  See more at the shop and check out our board rack for more info – Click me

Here’s some info from the Boga website:

Why Choose Boga Stand Up Paddle Boards?

At Boga, we live and breathe Stand Up Paddle Boarding [SUP]. If we are not out on the water riding our paddle boards we are here working hard designing the next best board shape and paddle so you can. Our sport, a gift from the ancient Polynesians, has been spread by rider’s passion across the globe. Our team is part of the passionate Stand Up Paddle Board movement taking our exciting sport to new extremes in SUP racing, surfing and recreation. The Boga team is proud to offer an affordable, high quality line of stand up boards designed to meet the widest range of use in today’s most popular paddle board disciplines. Our line of boards feature the high quality construction, performance and value which riders of all levels should demand. Whether you cruise lakes or paddle surf, the Boga team has designed a quality stand up board and paddle to meet your needs.

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AquaTerra a huge success!


Kalavida and Sun Country Cycle came together to present a brand new event dubbed ‘AquaTerra’ and the event was a huge success.  More than 30 people competed on a bike and Paddleboard duathalon style course.

Look for more photos and stories soon.
(Cover Shot:  Jason Lexa of Vancouver leads eventual winner, Matt Hewitt of Vernon around a buoy turn.


1 Team Paddle For The Planet Kelowna, BC 43:36.1
2 Flowjob Vernon, BC 43:50.6
3 Nell Elders Dex Elders Vernon, BC 55:06.5
4 Mi-Shann Kelowna, BC 00:39.6
5 Floyd And Fred Kelowna, BC NA
SOLO – Kids
1 Maddy Sellers Vernon, BC 38:01.4
1 Ginny Sellars Vernon, BC 42:14.0
2 Heide Saunders North Vancouver 42:59.5
3 Suzanne Foster Clearwater, BC 44:20.1
4 Jennifer Lawson Vancouver 45:25.1
5 Melissa Spooner Vernon, BC 45:26.8
6 Nicole Thorpe Coldstream, BC 46:12.0
7 Sarah Mcjannet Squamish, BC 47:33.7
8 Cindy Garvin Vernon, BC 56:38.7
9 Diane Obrien Coldstream BC, CA 01:30.8
10 Tina Barrette Vernon, BC 03:28.0
11 Leanne Ingham Vernon, BC 03:42.6
12 Monica Averill Vernon, BC 10:05.4
1 Matt Hewitt Vernon, BC 36:10.0
2 Al Saunders Vancouver 38:22.6
3 Glenn Woodruff Vancouver 40:51.1
4 Jason Lexa Vanvouver 42:20.5
5 Shawn Saunders Penticton 10:07.5
6 Brad Atkins Vernon, BC 46:36.6
7 Lawrence Campbell Kelowna, BC 47:05.9
8 Tom Maxwell Kelowna, BC 49:19.6
9 Tyler Thompson West Vancouver,BC 03:20.3

Discovering Naish’s 12’6 Inflatable


Naish introduced the ‘One’ 12’6 Inflatable paddleboard earlier this year along with several other manufacturers who have added a 12’6 long, 6″ thick inflatable to their line.  Naish’s entry is touted as the ‘One’ – meaning that it is the one-board-for-all types of paddling.  They are even backing it up with the NISCO (Naish International SUP Class Organization) – An event-based program to get everyone into casual competition. The 12’6 length is ideal for longer trips and the width and volume make it stable, fun, and fast for paddlers of any size, age and paddling ability. An ideal solution for travel.  Just pack it up and check it in as a piece of regular luggage.

We decided to put it to the real world test to see if it lived up to expectations in all types of situations.  The location: Big Island of Hawaii.  It was easy to transport and came in very handy when staying at the various hotels and campgrounds where space is limited.  Here’s a pictorial to help illustrate our adventure with the board.  All in all, this board will revolutionize the inflatable industry and comes highly recommended.


  • Hassle free storage and transport
  • Lightweight (23 lbs.) and can be carried with ease – on your back, on a bike, in your car
  • Easy to handle & travel with – stores in a backpack, can be checked on a plane, no excess baggage, no roof racks needed
  • Fast and highly competitive for paddlers of any weight or size
  • Nearly indestructible and ding proof
  • Soft touch surface is safer in terms of cuts, scrapes, and bruises


  • Canvas Carry Pack – Take it on the plane!
  • High Pressure Pump
  • Repair Kit
  • Removable Centre Fin

See all of our inflatables here
Check out the NISCO Race program around the ‘One’

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Okanagan SUP Demo and Rental Centre


Looking to try out a few boards before you purchase?  Or just rent a paddleboard for a sunny sweet cruise on the lake, river or ocean? Kalavida not only has the largest selection of boards, paddles and gear for sale and we’re now home to the Okanagan’s first Standup Paddleboard Demo and Rental Centre.  The one place you can come to learn everything  you need to get started – or add to your growing quiver.

The Okanagan’s Full Service Demo Centre: 
If you are in the market for a new board, whether it’s your first ride, or another board for your quiver, you can demo a wide range of boards.  At the very least, you’ll get a good ‘feel’ for what you like (or dislike) and from there, it’s easier to choose the right board for you.


Here’s a preview of what’s available to try out:
Race/Tour:  Naish Glide and Javelin, Surftech Bark, Starboard Touring, Tahoe Zephyr/Bliss, Rogue Psycho, Boga Tsunami, El Tiburon and many more
All-Round: Rogue All-waters, Naish Nalu, Boga Classic, Riviera, and more
Inflatable:  Naish Mana, Alana and One 12’6, Starboard Astros, Badfish and Red Paddle Co.

Our Services and Support:

  • Education and expertise – Owners and staff are at the forefront of the sport
  • Board Specialists – We know our boards top to bottom and have paddled them all – we can help you pick the right one
  • Paddle Centre – Largest selection of SUP specific paddles in the province
  • Courses and Clinics – Learn to Standup with us and then take a skills clinic to improve your talents
  • SUP Gear – We carry all kinds of accessories including rack pads, clothing, leashes, bags, gear attachments, and all other items SUP.  Looking for something, just ask!

    A little piece of Hawaii – and a full blown demo and rental centre next door

Okanagan’s largest rental fleet – All types of boards to rent and demo!
Our fleet features more exciting boards and the more often you come, the more you get to try. We offer daily rentals from Kalamalka Beach or you can take away a board to your own exotic Okanagan location.  4 and 6-pack punch passes available and we specialize in group and corporate rentals.

Check out our rental rates here:

Rent a board and play on the warm waters of Kalamalka

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Late Nights at the Surf Shop – New arrivals


Our beach shop across from Kalamalka lake is in full swing and fully stocked (and stoked) for another season of sun, surf and standup.  A plethora of new surfwear has just arrived just in time for the season.  We’ve been logging extra hours to get the shop re-stocked and loaded for the season so swing on by and check out new goodies from Rip Curl, Quiksilver and Dakine.  Always lots of cool Tiki stuff in store year-round as well including dashboard hulas, ukeleles, and more…



Spring Stock in the House


Sunshine equals happiness?  We’ve been hard at work inside the shop and next door at the new Rental and Demo Centre.  We’ve expanded our range of flip flops to include a full wall for guys n’ gals.  New Sanuk’s are in stock including the popular Getaway Slip-in and many more.  Brand new Rip Curl clothing has arrived and tons of new Quiksilver is now ready for viewing.

Add in some Kahuna Longboards, Tiki Bits and tons of new paddleboards and we’re fully stocked (and stoked) about the season.  Come by and check out the new Demo centre this weekend and check out the new look inside the shop.

Here’s a sneak peek some new Rip Curl….

New! Riviera Voyager 12’6


Looking to get into the sport with a new Touring board?  Here’s the answer – Riviera’s new 12’6 Voyager is a great way to get on the lakes and rivers at a reasonable price.  The Voyager is a perfect board for first time paddlers and the most stable board they offer.

The Voyager is designed for someone who wants to paddle on flatwater or mild open ocean conditions.  It has all the features of a raceboard but has been toned down making it more stable and user friendly.  Comes equipped with 14 leash plugs on the nose and tail to tie down all your gear.  The Displacement hull makes this board cut through the water efficiently, making long paddles much easier than a standard surfboard shape cruiser.

How much?  $1,295

In stock now -
Available Colours:  Ocean Blue, Moss or Amber


Locking Straps for your Board(s)


Keep your boards safe on the roof of your vehicle – The Kanulock Lockable Tiedowns are extremely simple – they work exactly the same way as a regular set of tiedowns however they can be locked with a key and are reinforced with Stainless Steel cables.

They are reinforced with 2 x 2.5MM Braided Stainless Steel cables making them very difficult to cut. A would-be thief cannot simply cut through the webbing with a blade or knife as is the case with regular tie-downs.

Available in three lengths:

  • 2.5M – $89.95
  • 4M – $99.95
  • 5.4M – $109.95


Warranty – 12 month warranty on materials and workmanship excluding wear and tear.

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Badfish Inflatables in stock


Looking for a super-durable and stable Inflatable?  We introduce the Badfish MCIT – Registering a patent on its new innovation—Multi Chamber Inflatable Technology (MCIT) and the Axially Stabilizing Apparatus— the company has challenged the design constraints of existing drop-stitch inflatable SUP technology to create a board with tapered rails and enhanced rigidity. The result is Boardworks/Badfish’s new MCIT Inflatable for 2012.

Where to use it in BC ?  Rivers and Lakes.  Rapids, whitewater, moving current, and lazy river cruising.  It includes a comfortable and durable travel bag with shoulder straps.  Outdoor adventurers will love this board for it’s portability and stability in the rough water.

Lengths: 10’6″ or 11’6″
Width: 35″
Deck Thickness: 4″
Rail Thickness: 5.5″
Fins Included: 2+1

Includes Pump and Travel Bag

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