Introduction to SUP

Stand Up Paddle Surfing / Boarding (‘SUP‘ for short), was born from an ancient form of ‘beach-boy’ surfing with deeps roots in Polynesian culture. The Hawaiian translation is Ku Hoe He’e Nalu; to stand, to paddle, to surf, a wave.  It may have very well been the very first form of surfing and was utilized in the 1960’s by surfing instructors to help manage their students while out on the water.  Today the sport has come alive and moved beyond surf to inland lakes, rivers, and on just about any body of water.  With the region’s variety of warm water lakes that includes Kalamalka and Okanagan and a network of rivers including the Shuswap and Similkameen – the Okanagan is the perfect SUP destination.

SUP is experienced a revival thanks in part to watermen like Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama, and Gerry Lopez who have adopted (and adapted) the sport to help them train and ultimately paddle into bigger and faster waves.  Little did they know that the sport would find it’s groove on inland lakes and rivers and is know widely regarded as the fastest growing watersport on the globe. Canadian pioneers like Norm Hann, Bob Purdy, Stefan Idzan and Kevin O’Brien have brought the sport to the region and the Okanagan has since become a premier destination for both locals and visitors alike.

The act of standing up on a board for the first time is exhilarating! – From there, the sport opens up a whole new world of exploration, fitness and adrenaline.  SUP is arguably the most versatile water sport in the world – whether you want to surf, flatwater cruise for fitness and fun, catch a downwinder or enjoy a lazy river paddle or challenging whitewater run.

The sport’s real essence may be the amount of freedom it allows, providing you with an unparelleled opportunity to reconnect with nature.  SUP is also a great way to get fit, developing core strength and balance and allows you to choose your own path to better health.  And for those who live away from the ocean, SUP will help you prepare for your next surf trip to Tofino and beyond.

** Okanagan SUP Rental & Demo Centre** – Kalavida operates the province’s largest SUP Demo Centre where you can test out all kinds of new boards and equipment. To get started, you may want to rent a board and try it out first – Kalavida offers daily rentals from Kalamalka Beach for both individuals and groups.  Or you can rent a board and bring it to your lakeside property, cabin or wherever you want to go. Our rental boards aren’t just floppy sponges – we have a wide range of boards to make sure get a chance to experience different types of rides.  We also offer a wide range of ‘Intro to SUP’ classes, skills clinics, events and tours.

If you already know that SUP is for you, or want to upgrade your quiver, Kalavida stocks the widest range of boards, paddles and accessories in BC and has everything else you’ll need. Check out our brands here

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