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Sweet Deals on 2013 Boards


The last of our 2013 model boards are on special – A great chance to get a great board and reduced cost.  A great chance to scoop up a board before the season gets into full swing. First come, first serve as they say.

View the boards here:

Updated April 18, 2014

2013 New & Demo Boards- All-Rounder/Inflatable
11’6 x 29.5″ Naish Nalu GT – Incl. Bag (New) $1,595 New $2,049
11’4 x 30″ Naish Nalu GT – Incl. Bag (New) $1,695 New $2,049
10’6′ x 30″ Naish Alana GS (New)
$1,395 New $1,629
10′ 6 x 32″ Surftech Universal Softop (New, 2 left) $979 New $1,329
12′ x 33″ Surftech Balboa (Blue, One only, New)  $995  New $1,249

2013 New & Demo Boards- Tour/Race
14′ x 27.5″  Rogue Vandal Race/Tour (New)
$1,795 New $2,349
14′ x 28.5″ 404 Zeedonk Carbon Race(New)
$1,995 New $2,595
11′ x 30″ Surftech Bark Candice Appleby (New)
$1,995 New $2,449
12’6 x 29.5″ Surftech Bark Competitor – Tuflite Construction (One left, New)
$1,895 New $2,249
12’6 x 29.5″ Surftech Bark Competitor – Pro-Elite Construction (New)
$2,195 New $2,495
12’6 x 27.5″ Surftech Bark Candice Appleby *Pro Elite Construction (New)
$2,195 New $2,449
14′ Bark Custom Dominator – Carbon, Incl. Bag
Made at Bark Factory in USA (Used)
$1,995 New $3,295
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Flatwater Instructor Course – May 3/4


Looking to expand your skills and become a certified Paddle Canada Instructor?   Join us on May 3-4th when we host Norm Hann (www.normhann.com) for the Paddle Canada Advanced Flatwater Instructor Course.

This SUP instructor course is great training for individuals wanting to start their own sup business, industry reps or existing retailers who want professionally trained staff for their rental, retail and lessons program.The Paddle Canada Flatwater SUP Instructor course is designed to provide a national certification in the instruction and administration of the Paddle Canada Flatwater Stand Up Paddleboard Program. Those successful will be able to certify paddlers at the Introduction to Standup Paddleboard and Advanced Flatwater Skill levels or will acquire skills to create your own instructional SUP program.

This 2-day course teaches paddleboard instructors the skills and knowledge required to teach Paddle Canada Introduction to SUP and Advanced Flatwater SUP courses.


The course includes theory, dryland and on-water training.

Dates:  May 3-4th
Time: TBA
Location:  Kalamalka Lake Beach / Kalavida Surf Shop
What to bring:  Board, gear, cold water gear (wetsuit recommended), food, snacks
Website: www.normhann.com
Fee: $399 plus 5% GST (Pay through www.normhann.com)
Registration:  Through www.normhann.com



Join us Tuesday, April 22 on Kalamalka Beach for our first SUP Demo of the year – To do our duty for the planet we’re hosting an Earth Day clean-up at the same time. As part of our ongoing efforts with the Society for the Protection of Kalamalka Lake, we invite you to join the effort to Keep Kal Lake Blue.

New Boards, Fresh Fruit and plenty of garbage bins to go around. Open to all!

Date: Tuesday, April 22
Kalamalka Lake Beach (West Side of Beach)
Donations to SPKL accepted and appreciated.

Whether you are looking for a first board or adding to your quiver, here’s your chance to try a bunch of new boards right at the beach.  We’ll have boards from Rogue, Boga, Surftech, Naish, Tahoe and more. Drop by anytime between 5:30-7pm.

The Okanagan Rental and Demo Centre is now open daily so if you can’t make it out to an organized demo, the Centre is always fully stocked – Just come down or call and make an appointment to demo some boards. A great chance for people just getting into the sport or those looking to add another board to their quiver.


Our Demo Centre is ready for action!



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GreatBear Touring Boards


New Boardworks Greatbear touring boards along with the Raven and Sirena now in stock. The ‘Greatbear’ is a collaboration with Canadian team ambassador, Norm Hann, and is designed to be the ultimate tour and expedition board. Read more here - 

Inspired by Norm’s conservation efforts, Boardworks has pledged $20 of the sale of each Great Bear board to be donated to StandUp4GreatBear, a non-profit organization that promotes awareness and encourages the protection of Great Bear Rainforest through “expeditions, partnerships and action.” THE ISSUE: Enbridge Inc, a Calgary-based oil and gas company has proposed the construction of a 1,170 km pipeline running from Alberta’s tar sands to Kitimat on British Columbia’s west coast. From here, crude oil would be loaded into super tankers bound for Asia.Stand-Header Before reaching the open ocean, these tankers would first need to pass through some of the most dangerous navigable waters in the world,―the narrow inlets of the Great Bear Rainforest. If this happens, a devastating oil spill is inevitable that would wipe out one of the most pristine marine environments on the planet.

You can now watch the documentary film STAND on Netflix and see the trailer by
clicking here

Learn more about Norm’s expeditions into the GreatBear Rainforest (and other equally stunning locations) by visiting his website – Click the graphic below:


Open 6 Days a Week


Shop is open 6 Days a Week (Tuesday-Sunday). Come down and see what’s ‘in-store’ for the year.  Our retail shop is located right across from Kalamalka Lake Beach and the Okanagan Rental and Demo Centre is now open and ready for action. As always, we have the widest selection of boards, paddles and accessories in the province – Plus, we stock tons of board shorts, flip-flops, and clothing from Quiksilver, Rip Curl,  Reef, Sanuk, and more.

If you’re looking to get into the sport, or maybe add to your quiver, our Okanagan Rental and Demo Centre is home to a huge quiver of new boards, demo boards and more customer rental lockers.  By mid-April, the Centre will be fully loaded with all kinds of new boards, paddles and gear.

New for 2014:

  • More boards in the Okanagan SUP Demo Centre – Try before you buy!
  • Official ‘Naish’ Demo Centre – Complete flatwater line
  • On-site secure board storage – Rent your own space starting April 1
  • Fanatic SUP – New brand to the shop!
  • Reef Sandals – for Men & Women
  • More events and activities - full schedule coming soon…

Kalamalka Beach – One of the best places in the Okanagan to demo a board

What’s new for Standup Boards and gear:

  • New ‘GreatBear’ Touring board by Boardworks
  • New Tahoe ‘Sport Edition’ Touring boards
  • Starboard inflatables
  • New Fanatic race and downwind boards
  • New Quickblade V-Drive paddles
  • More of that laid-back Kalavida vibe

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Fanatic Boards


We are stoked to introduce a new line to the shop this year. Fanatic has been making boards since 1981 and while their SUP line is relatively new, their new Falcon Downwind/Race and Flatwater boards have being receiving international attention.

Where do they come alive?  The Falcons are the perfect board for downwind cruising, choppy waters and all-round racing/touring - Whether it’s a downwind run in Victoria, Okanagan Lake, or wherever the wind blows. The Falcon ‘Flatwater’ line is designed to go even faster in calm to mild choppy water.  In addition, we’ve also added their 12′ Fly Touring inflatable to keep you mobile.  A limited supply will arrive in late March to kick off the season – Here’s what’s available >

Race / Downwind Boards:

  • Falcon 14′ x 27.25″ – Downwind/Race (Carbon)
  • Falcon 14′ x 24.75″ – Downwind/Race (Carbon)
  • Falcon 14′ x 26″ – Flatwater (Carbon)
  • Falcon 12’6 x 27.25″ – Downwind/Race (Carbon)

Touring Inflatables:

  • Fanatic Fly Air Touring 12′

Visit their website to learn more – Click here


Tahoe Introduces Sport Editions


Tahoe SUP has established itself as the leader in the touring SUP market and have mastered the design of boards that truly come alive in touring conditions – a perfect choice for inland lakes and mild ocean choppy conditions.  Their boards are nicely complimented by a function-driven line of custom accessories that includes paddles, fins, packs, apparel and the Buddy Pad, an attachable non-skid pad for your dog.

For 2014, they have introduced a new Sport Edition for both the Zephyr and Bliss models – They include refined shapes, more volume and a new graphic touch.


New Tahoe ‘Sport’ Editions

New Boards will be arriving in early March.

In Stock Now:

  • 12’6 Bliss Classic
  • 12’6 Zephyr Classic
  • Grom – 9’6 Kids touring board

Click their sign below to check out their website (it’s a pretty cool)

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Traveling this Winter? Take a SUP along


Heading off to Mexico, Hawaii or somewhere else warm and sunny this winter and still want to paddle?  You’re in luck – You can check-in an inflatable board as part of your luggage and you’ll be able to get your SUP fix anywhere you go.  And if it’s not in your budget yet to own one, we now have them available to rent this Winter and take with you.

We carry a wide range of all-rounder and touring inflatables from Naish, Starboard, Red Paddle and Boardworks in a variety of lengths. Each rental package comes complete with a 3-piece adjustable paddle, travel bag, pump and frisbee.  Just check it in as part of your luggage (you only need flops, shorts, bikini and T-shirts in the other bag right?) and you take it anywhere in the world. The backpack weighs in at around 28lbs stuffed full!  Call or email for availability.


Starboard’s Astro Drive and Blend – Traveling companions!


General features:

  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Fits easily in its travel bag (shoulder straps for easy carry)
  • Inflates with a hand pump (included)
  • Centre fin can be removed for storage
  • Designed for travel, safety, portability and performance

Which one is best? – That will depend on where you will use it and also the weight of the paddler(s).  Some of the designs have more ‘rocker’ in the nose and/or tail – this allows them to catch waves better while others have reverse camber so that they perform better in flatwater conditions.

Boards come in a variety of lengths and many now feature 4″ and 6″ thicknesses – the 6″ thick boards tend to have more volume which provides more stability and float for anyone over 170lbs.

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Naish Inflatables in stock


A full compliment of Naish Mana, Nalu and Alana Air Inflatables are in stock throughout the winter.  Available for sale and for winter travel rentals.

Each board package comes with a removable fin, travel bag, high volume pump and patch kit.  At around 26lbs, they are light and easy to carry and 6″ thick boards offer greatly improved stiffness (equals less flex and better glide).

What’s in stock?

  • Mana Air 10′ & 11’6
  • Nalu Air 11′
  • Alana Air 10’6
  • ‘One’ 12’6 Tour/Race
  • Crossover 11′ (Windsurf it too)

See them all in our inflatables section of the board rack.


The new Naish Crossover Air – Windsurf adapter so you can add a sail and go!

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New Starboard Astro Inflatables


You are now free to move about the world… with your paddleboard in hand.  With many Canadians setting course for sunnier destinations like Hawaii, Mexico and beyond, you can take your SUP with you.  Starboard has expanded their line of ‘Astro’ inflatables and we’re stoked to have them in stock already. They all include travel bags, pumps, detachable fins and patch kits – Just add a 3-piece paddle and you can check it in with your other luggage!

They offer two different constructions; Fun & Deluxe (Stiffer, stronger)
Here’s a sample of what’s in stock and a few on the way -

9’0 x 30″ Starboard Astro Converse (Fun) coming soon
9’0 x 30″ Starboard Astro Converse (Deluxe) Coming soon
9’6 x 36″ Starboard Astro Stream (for rivers) In stock
10’5 x 30″ Starboard Astro Drive (Fun) In stock
11’2 x 32″ Starboard Astro Blend (Fun) In stock
11’2 x 32″ Starboard Astro Blend (Deluxe) Coming soon…
12’6 x 26″ Starboard Astro Race (Deluxe) In stock, *demo
12’6 x 30″ Starboard Astro Touring  (Deluxe) In stock
14′ x 30″ Starboard Astro Touring  (Deluxe) 2013 in stock
9’6 x 26″ Starboard Astro Junior (Deluxe) 2013 in stock

11'2 Astro Blend - Deluxe

10’5 Astro Drive – Deluxe



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Donation helps keep Kal Lake Blue


Kalamalka Lake is widely recognized as the Okanagan’s most pristine watery playground and has become a popular destination for Standup Paddleboarding (SUP) in the province.  With the increase in popularity comes a level of responsibility to help maintain the lake’s colourful and clean waters.  Kalavida Surf Shop is proud to announce a donation of $1,500 to SPKL (The Society for the Protection of Kalamalka Lake) to help with their efforts to educate, activate and inform the public about the various issues that continue to challenge the watershed.

The 18-km freshwater lake is enjoyed by all types of water sports both motorized and human powered and as public usage increases, so do the challenges of keeping it clean and safe.  Kalavida is an ongoing partner with SPrKL and is proud to help protect and preserve what many consider one of the best places to paddle in the region. Many of the local paddle boarders are members of the society and act as ambassadors throughout the year.

“Our events and activities have helped establish Vernon as a destination for the sport so with that increase in activity, we felt it was our responsibility to take a proactive approach” said Michelle Mitchell of Kalavida. “Our shop is across from Kalamalka Beach and that allows us to monitor it each day throughout the busy months.”  The donation helps the Society pay for a variety of tests and activities that help keep the lake healthy and safe. The local watershed is popular for all types of local recreation and acts as a source of drinking water for residents in the region.

The SUP community as a whole continues to dedicate efforts to a variety of environmental causes – A group that includes two of Kalavida’s own ambassadors; Bob Purdy (SUPLove/Paddle for the Planet) and Norm Hann (Boardworks/Standup for Greatbear). The 5th Annual Kalamalka Classic SUP Festival is scheduled for August 30 & 31 and will serve as the primary fundraiser for SPKL in 2014.  For more details about SPKL and Kalavida, visit their websites at www.spkl.ca and www.kalavidasurfshop.com.


Traveling with & Storing your board


If you travel often and plan on taking your board with you on longer trips, you may consider a travel bag and locking straps to keep it clean and out of harms way.  For all higher-end boards including race boards, touring boards and anything made with carbon, a Board Bag is an essential part of your equipment.  Same goes for all-rounders when it comes to traveling long distances.  During the summer, heat can play a big factor and in the fall and spring, rocks and debris on the road can cause the damage (much in the way they crack windshields).

Look for bags with quality zippers, straps and clips.  Most bags come with a shoulder strap.  Bags that offer 3/4 or full zippers are the easiest to load-in and load-out your bags so you may consider that a handy feature as well.  We carry a variety of board bags to protect all types of boards – each with their own set of features.  We carry the following:

  • FCS 12’6 and 14′ Race/Touring Bags
  • FCS DayRunners – Various sizes
  • Riviera 12’6 and 14′ Race/Touring Bags
  • XM Board Bags – Various Lengths

We stock Kanulock locking straps in three sizes.  Easy to use and available in 3 lengths’ 2.5m, 4m, and 5.4m.

If you are looking for a way to store your board safely, consider using a racking system to keep it away from busy areas.  We stock the Calfin ceiling racks that easily mount to your ceiling or wall. All hardware included.  $65.00 / set of 2. In stock now.

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