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The Ultimate Travel SUP


Want the ultimate portable SUP solution?  Maybe an inflatable paddleboard package is the best solution for your life.  If you are space-challenged or have a vehicle without a roof rack, an inflatable board kit can be stored in the trunk or backseat with ease.

With new developments in construction, Red Paddle’s MSL Construction is lighter and stronger than ever. Inflatable boards are light to carry, easy to store, and the perfect solution for adventurous travelers and those who live in condos / apartments / VW Vans but still want a good performing board.

Come by and Demo (Try out) any of our inflatables and compare features and prices.

We have a wide range of inflatables to demo and for sale

  • Red Paddle – 9’6, 10’6, 11′, 12’6, 13’2, 14′  (up to 25psi)
  • Starboard Astros – 9′, 10′, 10’5, 11’2, 11’6, 12’6, 14′ (up to 18psi)
  • Twin Fish – 10’7, 11′, 12’6 (up to 18psi)
  • SIC – Air Glide 12’6
  • Tahoe – Yofit, 12′ Alpine Explorer

Red Paddle’s Full Line up!

See them all here-

Inflatable Tech 101:  What about the thickness of a board?

  • 4″ thick boards are best for lightweight paddlers and perform better in the surf
  • 4.75″ to 6″ thick boards offer more flotation, stiffness and the ability handle more weight (think gear, kids, dogs, etc.)

Safe and Secure


Traveling and want to make sure your board stays on your roof racks?  Or need some protection to keep it away from the elements? Here are a few things to keep your board safe and secure.

Locking Straps & Locks: Kanulock straps can be used on the top of your vehicle racks or other places where you can lock up your board.  They include two sets of keys and come in a variety of lengths.  Simple and easy to use.  Or use a Dockslocks to lock up your board with a cable.

  • Kanulock Locking Straps – Available in variety of lengths for 1,2, or more boards
  • DocksLock – Connects to the leash plug on your board with a long cable.

SUP Board Bags: Storing and traveling with your board inside a Board Bag will keep it away from the elements (wind, rain, heat, flying rocks).  Great for traveling and storage.
– > Available in a variety of styles and prices:

  • Kalavida 10’8 (fits most all-rounders and 10’6 compact touring boards)
  • Kalavida 11’4 (fits most all-rounders under 11’4 and some 11’6 compact touring boards)
  • Kalavida 12’6 and 14′ – Padded board with features for most race and touring style SUPS
  • FCS Classic Bags – Basic protection
  • FCS Paddled Bags – 12’6 and 14′ Bags – (Best fit for most performance and touring boards)

Storage Racks: Store your board in the garage, house or wherever you have space.  Keeps it way from getting bumped, scratched, etc.

– > Available in three styles from Calfin:

  • Ceiling (U-shape)
  • Elbow (Angle Wall)
  • Rack style (L-shape)


We all scream for…


Ice Cream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream SUP Social. We’ve combined two of our favourite things and decided to make an evening out it. Get a special rate on rentals and a free Ice Cream from the Kal Lake Store. Sound good? Here’s the scoop ->

Date: Tuesday, July 26
Time: 6-8pm (feel free to come early to sign the waiver to get on the water at 6pm)

Time All-Round &
or Touring board
Kids Board
1 Hour $15 Add $10 $10
2 Hour $20 Add $10 $15


New & Used Board Clearance


We have a few 2015 New, Demo and Used boards now on clearance sale. There is a wide range of all-rounders, Touring, Performance and inflatables.

Check out the list and pass it around.

10’2 x 31″ Twin Fish Kali (Painted) *Demo
$849 New $1,295
12’6″ x 28.5″ Twin Fish Trek (Factory 2nd)
$995 New $1,495
9’6 x 34″ x 5.9″ Red Paddle Flow Inflatable (2015)
$1,095 New $1,549
14′ x 25″ Starboard All-Star (Custom Glass)
$1,695 New $2,499


12’6 x 25.5″ Twin Fish Kaholo (for paddlers up to 130lbs) $595 New $1,695
12’6 x 25″ Rogue Psycho R9 (Blue/Grey/White)
$1,495 New $1,979
12’6 x 25.5″ Starboard Race (Custom Glass) $1,495 New $2,195
14′ x 24″ Rogue Vandal (R1 Construction / Carbon) $1,795 New $2,799
(Bag, Pump & Repair Kit included)
12’6 x 30″ x 6″ Naish One
$1,295 New $1,495
9’6 x 34″ x 5.9″ Red Paddle Flow (2015)
$1,295 New $1,549
10’7 x 31″ Twin Fish Kali (Blue w/ Red Stripe) * small ding on bottom
$1,095 New $1,295
11’2 x 30″ Starboard Blend (Starshot) Ideal for paddlers up to 190lbs
$1,195 New $1,484


One stop SUP Shop


We stock just about everything you’ll need including soft racks, locking straps, board bags, SUP wheels, glow lights, leashes and more. Plus, we can ship across the country. Just call the shop to find out more. Here’s a peek at what we have available – Now available through our Online store – click the banner below to visit the site.Online-Store-Banner

Accessories for SUP:

  • SUP Board Bags: FCS, Dakine, Starboard, Kalavida
  • Kanulock Locking Straps, DocksLocks
  • FCS, Dakine SUP and Surf Leashes (Standard, Coil and new Straight/Coil)

    NSI, Surftech)

  • Paddle blade covers and paddle bags (FCS, Dakine)
  • EZ-Plugs and Lash-it Kits
  • Drybags / Travel bags
  • Rail Tape (Clear tape for rails of your board)
  • FCS Soft Rack Pads (in case you don’t have a roof rack)
  • FCS Tail Gate Pads
  • Dakine Rack Pads
  • Ceiling Racks for boards
  • Inflatable SUP Pumps and Compressor adaptors


  • Clothing from Rip Curl, Quiksilver, Roxy, Ocean Folk, Dakine, Xcel and Kalavida
  • Flip-Flops: Sanuk, Reef, Quiksilver & Rip Curl
  • Sunscreen: Sun Bum, Zinka, Sex Wax
  • Suncloud Eyewear and waterproof accessories
  • Towels
  • Frisbees
  • Hacky Sacks
  • Dashboard Hulas

Got Kids? Give em’ to us!


Got Kids?  Give em’ to us! Get ready for a great season of Standup Paddleboarding on Kalamalka Lake.  Under the direction of Lina Augaitis (Former World SUP Champion), we are excited to offer a range of Kids and Youth SUP programs.

JUNIOR SUP CLUB: (Space available on Mondays)
Our Junior SUP Club is offered on Monday and/or Tuesday evenings and open to all levels of paddlers. We still have space available for the Monday sessions – book now.

A great way to get give your kids a fun morning at the beach – 3 days in a row! The daily menu of events will be subject to weather and water conditions. Each day is focused on teaching a new fun skill and application of those skills in a variety of fun activities.

Visit our youth & KIDS Page for more info here








Starboard Astros in stock


The inflatable SUP revolution continues with Starboard’s new carbon composite rail for even greater stiffness (Available in the Deluxe version of their Astro Inflatable line). That means better overall performance in all conditions. Starboard Astros inflate to 18psi and include travel bags with wheels, dual-action pumps, US fin boxes and more.  Check out their full 2016 lineup and get pumped up!

You are now free to move about the world… with your paddleboard in hand.


See what’s in stock – (see them all here)

Read more about the two types of construction:

Inflatable_Deluxe_technology Inflatable_Zen_technology

Open 7 Days a Week


It’s that time of year –  Our newly-renovated is now open 7 Days a Week. Come down and see what’s ‘in-store’ for the year.  More space, more clothing and more of everything.  Did you know Kalavida has the largest selection of boards, paddles and accessories in the province? Right here in the Okanagan!

If you’re looking to get into the sport, or maybe add to your quiver, our Okanagan Rental and Demo Centre is home to a huge quiver of new boards, demo boards and customer rental lockers.

What’s New for 2016:

  • More Inflatables than ever!  – Compare sizes and styles
  • More Starboard – Tons of new go-fast and inflatable boards
  • Kids Youth SUP Program – Weekly Youth paddling club
  • New Twin Fish boards – Impressive line of new Inflatables
  • Werner – New shapes and sizes
  • More Women’s Clothing and Flops – Rip Curl, Roxy, Ocean Folk, Dakine

What’s new for Standup Boards and gear:

  • New ‘FX Pro’ Model from SIC – All Water board
  • New 11′ Inflatable from Twin Fish
  • Stiffer boards for the Starboard inflatables
  • Tahoe Bliss and Zephyr back in stock
  • Red Paddle 12’6 Explorer inflatable

Exploring with the Naish One


The ONE 12’6” is one of the most versatile inflatable boards around – Take it with you on our travels for all-around cruising, long-distance touring and even a race or two. It features a sleek race outline, 30 inches of width and 6 inches of thickness for incredible rigidity, stability and speed. It also has an integrated number guide on the deck pad for referencing proper stance position.

The 12’6 length is ideal for longer trips and the width and volume make it stable, fun, and fast for paddlers of any size, age and paddling ability. An ideal solution for travel. Just pack it up and check it in as a piece of regular luggage.


  • Hassle free storage and transport
  • Lightweight (23 lbs.) and can be carried with ease – on your back, on a bike, in your car
  • Easy to handle & travel with – stores in a backpack, can be checked on a plane, no excess baggage, no roof racks needed
  • Fast and highly competitive for paddlers of any weight or size
  • Nearly indestructible and ding proof
  • Soft touch surface is safer in terms of cuts, scrapes, and bruises



  • 12’6 One Inflatable
  • 3-pc Adjustable Makani Carbon Paddle (with travel bag)
  • Canvas Travel Pack – Take it on the plane!
  • High Pressure Pump
  • Repair Kit
  • Removable Fin

See all of our inflatables here

Lock up your board!


Keep your board safe on the roof of your vehicle – The Kanulock lockable tiedowns are extremely simple – they work exactly the same way as a regular set of tie-downs with the added bonus of a key-lock and Stainless Steel cables.

Available in four lengths:

  • 2.5M / 8 ft
  • 3.3M / 11 ft
  • 4M / 13 ft
  • 5.4M / 18 ft




You are so Rogue…


Rogue returns to the forefront of SUP Design with their brand new 2015 quiver. Building on the success of their popular All-Water line, a new Blue and Pink series is now available alongside their classics line. Their performance boards (racing and touring) feature a quiver of updated shapes, new graphics and tons of useful features.  New for 2015, Rogue is now offering select models in their new R9 construction making them even more affordable.


All-Waters -Rogue has cornered that part of the market with their impressive line of graphic-drenched All-Water boards.  Notably the first SUP company to veer away from centered logos and traditional longboard lines, Rogue has been the innovator and one look at their boards will tell the story.  The best part is they back it up with industry-leading construction all at a reasonable price.  Available in 102′, 10’8′ and 11’2′ lengths.

Touring Series (11’4″ & 12’6) – Built to suit paddlers who want the speed and glide of a displacement style hull (think smooth and fast) yet portable enough for anyone to load without a struggle. It includes built-in tie-downs for packing gear on the front and back.

Touring 11'6 and 12'6 in R9 Construction

Touring 11’6 and 12’6 in R9 Construction

Utility SeriesLooking for a stable board for both flatwater and surf? The Tesoro line offers up both and although they’ve kept the look on the conservative side, the extra width makes them attractive to newbies and intermediate paddlers.

R1 Race (12’6) and Vandal (14′) – Coming off yet another successful test at the 2014 Battle of the Paddle, they have finally put their race boards into production and they rank among the flashiest on the market.  At around 26lbs, the 12’6 stock-class racer is a dialed production board with carbon inlay and it’s bigger brother, the 14′ R1 Race version is a stealth flatwater flyer.

Rental Punch Cards Available


Think you might have a case of chronic RENTonitis? We can help ease the pain. If you are planning to come out and rent often, here’s a great opportunity to save money and time with a Kalavida SUP Punch Pass. We now have 4 and 6 pack RENTAL PUNCH PASSES available. We keep your card in the shop so all you have to do is show up, check in and you’re ready to go.

Click the 6-pack for more details>

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