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BC DAY is about celebrating the pioneers who helped carve out this amazing place we live in and visit.  In many ways, we helped pioneer SUP in the region (and around BC) so to celebrate the pioneers of our world, we’re hosting a BC DAY Pioneers Celebration Sale.  A nice collection of specials & SUP Packages to get you started.  Plus, we have all kinds of  in-store specials on clothing, accessories, and whatnot.

Fresh Fruit, Fun and Fantastic Staff – Call or come by!


40% off your 2nd Pair of SANUK Flops
(With purchase of the first pair at regular price)
Various $20-65
$10 off your 2nd Kalavida T or Tank
(With purchase of the first at regular price)
Various Reg$25.95
FREE STARBOARD Tufskin Enduro 2-pc Adjustable Paddle + Paddle Hugger with any Rogue Utility Purchase*  (limited to supplies)
FREE Value $185
FREE DAKINE BOARD Bag with any 14′ Board Purchase* (limited to supplies)
FREE New $195
FREE TWIN FISH BOARD Bag with any 10’7 KALI Wood Board Purchase FREE Value $229


11’6 x 29.5″ Naish Nalu GS (Dem0)
(for paddlers up to 225lbs)
$795 New $1,795
12′ x 35″ Yolo Blue Waterman (New, 1 only)
(for paddlers up to 280lbs)
$995 New $1,795
11′ x 30″ Naish Nalu Inflatable (Dem0)
(for paddlers up to 220lbs)
$795 New $1,395
10’2 x 31″ Twin Fish Trinity Inflatable + Adj. Paddle (New, 1 only) (for paddlers up to 170lbs)
$895 New$1,095
10′ x 29″ Twin Fish Tetra Inflatable (New, 2 only). (For paddlers up to 145lbs)
$695 New $995
11′ x 25″ Twin Fish Kahol0 + Paddle (New, 1 only)
(Youth go fast board for paddlers up to 125lbs)

$995 New $1,295


Demo and Rental Centre


Looking to try out a few boards before you purchase? Or just rent a paddleboard for a sunny afternoon cruise?  Our SUP Rental & Demo Centre is part of our retail shop and stocked full of all types of boards, paddles and gear.

Where is it?  Next to Kalavida’s retail shop and only footsteps from Kalamalka Lake Beach.

Full Service Demo Centre:
If you are in the market for a new board, whether it’s your first ride, or another board for your quiver, you can demo a wide range of boards. At the very least, you’ll get a good ‘feel’ for what you like (or dislike) and from there, it’s easier to choose the right board for you.


Our Service and Support:

  • Education and expertise – We are a rider-owned shop with a compliment of awesome and experienced staff.  Call us or drop by during store hours.
  • SUP Specialists – We’ve made the extra effort to learn everything we can about board construction, brand support, and most importantly – How to make sure you pick the right board the first time.
  • Courses & Clinics –  Learn to Standup with us and then take a clinic or course to improve your skills.
  • SUP Gear –  The shop is fully stocked with everything you’ll need to get started. Board bags, tie-downs, deck attachments and much more. Looking for something just ask!
  • Online Store – Not able to come by the store? Use our Online Store to purchase your board or gear and we’ll ship it to you.

Here’s a preview of what’s available to demo
Race/Tour: Starboard, SIC, Rogue, Tahoe, Twinfish
Recreational:  Rogue, Starboard, Twinfish, Naish
Inflatable: Starboard Astros, Red Paddle

  • A little piece of Hawaii – With a full service demo and rental centre next door

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Lock up your board!


Keep your board safe on the roof of your vehicle – The Kanulock lockable tiedowns are extremely simple – they work exactly the same way as a regular set of tie-downs with the added bonus of a key-lock and Stainless Steel cables.

Available in four lengths:

  • 2.5M / 8 ft
  • 3.3M / 11 ft
  • 4M / 13 ft
  • 5.4M / 18 ft




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Starboard Summer Series


Join us Tuesday evenings for our new Summer SUP Series.  What is it?  A weekly series to bring together our growing community of paddlers.

Facebook-SummerSeriesIntroducing our new Summer Series (sponsored by Starboard) – Tuesday Nights at 6:30pm from June 23 to August 24. Open to everyone who wants to make Tuesday their SUP night and to keep it fresh, each week will feature either a Skills night or Recreational Race. $2 Drop in

Skills Nights: Learn new skills from a variety of Kalavida’s staff and friends and enjoy an evening paddle on Kal Lake. An informal night of paddling and practicing new skills.  If you are looking for a more structured course, we offer a variety of clinics for more specific skills.  Open to anyone who has paddled a few times (or many more) and would like to enjoy a group setting to learn new skills. 6:30pm

Series Nights: 5 events and 5 different types of courses/events. A chance to pick up the pace and challenge yourself. Series winners will receive some sweet prizes including Starboard Carbon Paddles. 6:30pm Start.  Open to everyone, any board, any ability. 6:30pm

Grand Prize Draw: Inflatable Paddleboard Package
How to win it? You get a draw ticket for each Summer Series event you participate in and you’ll get a bonus draw ticket for any Top 3 placing in the Series Night Events. Sponsored by: Starboard, Rip Curl, Reef and the Kalavida crew.

June 30 Course announced – see below

Inflatable Revolution


Want the ultimate portable SUP solution?  Maybe an inflatable paddleboard package is the best solution for your life.  If you are space-challenged or have a vehicle without a roof rack, an inflatable board kit can be stored in the trunk or backseat with ease.

With new developments in construction, most of the new boards can take up to 20psi and offer good glide and a smooth ride on the water.  They are light to carry, easy to store, and the perfect solution for adventurous travelers and those who live in condos / apartments / VW Vans but still want a good performing board.

What about the thickness?

  • 4″ thick boards are best for lightweight paddlers and perform better in the surf
  • 4.75″ to 6″ thick boards offer more flotation, stiffness and the ability handle more weight (think gear, kids, dogs, etc.)

We have a wide range of inflatables in demo fleet and for sale:

  • Starboard Astros – 9′, 10′, 10’5, 11’2, 11’6, 12’6, 14′ (up to 18psi)
  • Red Paddle – 9’6, 10’6, 11′, 12’6  (up to 25psi)
  • Naish – 10′, 11′, 11’6, 12’6 (up to 14psi)
  • Twin Fish – 10′, 10’2, 10’7, 11’6 (up to 18psi)

See them all here-

Double-action pump and a bag with wheels.  Red Paddle's 11' Sport

Double-action pump and a bag with wheels. Red Paddle’s 11′ Sport

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You are so Rogue…


Rogue returns to the forefront of SUP Design with their brand new 2015 quiver. Building on the success of their popular All-Water line, a new Blue and Pink series is now available alongside their classics line. Their performance boards (racing and touring) feature a quiver of updated shapes, new graphics and tons of useful features.  New for 2015, Rogue is now offering select models in their new R9 construction making them even more affordable.


All-Waters -Rogue has cornered that part of the market with their impressive line of graphic-drenched All-Water boards.  Notably the first SUP company to veer away from centered logos and traditional longboard lines, Rogue has been the innovator and one look at their boards will tell the story.  The best part is they back it up with industry-leading construction all at a reasonable price.  Available in 102′, 10’8′ and 11’2′ lengths.

Touring Series (11’4″ & 12’6) – Built to suit paddlers who want the speed and glide of a displacement style hull (think smooth and fast) yet portable enough for anyone to load without a struggle. It includes built-in tie-downs for packing gear on the front and back.

Touring 11'6 and 12'6 in R9 Construction

Touring 11’6 and 12’6 in R9 Construction

Utility SeriesLooking for a stable board for both flatwater and surf? The Tesoro line offers up both and although they’ve kept the look on the conservative side, the extra width makes them attractive to newbies and intermediate paddlers.

R1 Race (12’6) and Vandal (14′) – Coming off yet another successful test at the 2014 Battle of the Paddle, they have finally put their race boards into production and they rank among the flashiest on the market.  At around 26lbs, the 12’6 stock-class racer is a dialed production board with carbon inlay and it’s bigger brother, the 14′ R1 Race version is a stealth flatwater flyer.

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Open 7 Days a Week


It’s that time of year – Shop is now open 7 Days a Week. Come down and see what’s ‘in-store’ for the year. Kalavida’s retail shop and the Okanagan Rental/Demo centre are both located right across from Kalamalka Lake Beach.  Did you know Kalavida has the grandest selection of boards, paddles and accessories in the province? Right here in the Okanagan!

If you’re looking to get into the sport, or maybe add to your quiver, our Okanagan Rental and Demo Centre is home to a huge quiver of new boards, demo boards and customer rental lockers.

What’s New for 2015:

  • More Inflatables than ever!  – Compare sizes and styles
  • More Starboard – Tons of new go-fast and inflatable boards
  • Kids Youth SUP Program – Weekly Youth paddling club
  • Werner – New ‘Prodigy’ Kids paddles
  • Quickblade – Trifecta and V-Drive in stock
  • New Rogue boards – Their most amazing collection ever


What’s new for Standup Boards and gear:

  • New ‘Race’ Model from Starboard
  • Rogue ‘Art Collection’ All-waters
  • Newly roller-bag ships with Starboard inflatables
  • New SIC Race models
  • New Rogue Race, Tour and All-Water boards
  • More surfwear from Rip Curl, Quiksilver and more

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Starboard Astros in stock


You are now free to move about the world… with your paddleboard in hand. With new improvements, more PSI and extra features, inflatable SUP’s are becoming a paddler’s best friend.  Starboard Astros now inflate to 18psi and include new travel bags with wheels, better pumps, new fin boxes and more – Just add in a 3-piece paddle and you can check it in with your other luggage!

See what’s in stock – (see them all here)

Read more about the two types of construction:

Starboard-Astro-Profile-Zen Starboard-Astro-Profile-Deluxe

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One stop SUP Shop


You might be looking to get into the sport but wondering how to transport a board (0r two), or at the very least get it from the shop to your place. A permanent rack on your roof is the long term solution but to keep costs down, check out the FCS SUP Soft Rack system. It attaches easily to most car roof-tops and is easy to use.

We stock just about everything you’ll need including soft racks, locking straps, board bags, SUP wheels, glow lights, leashes and more. Plus, we can ship across the country. Just call the shop to find out more. Here’s a peek at what we have available –

Accessories for SUP:

  • SUP Board Bags: FCS Board Bags, Dakine, Surftech, Riviera Paddlesurf
  • Dakine Water Packs (Hip and Shoulder)
  • FCS, Dakine SUP and Surf Leashes (Standard, Coil and new Straight/Coil)
  • Traction Pads (Dakine, FCS,

    NSI, Surftech)

  • Paddle blade covers and paddle bags (FCS, Dakine)
  • EZ-Plugs and Lash-it Kits
  • Drybags / Travel bags
  • Rail Tape (Clear tape for rails of your board)
  • FCS Soft Rack Pads (in case you don’t have a roof rack)
  • FCS Tail Gate Pads
  • Dakine Rack Pads
  • Ceiling Racks for boards
  • Locking Straps and other connectables


  • Clothing from Rip Curl, Quiksilver, Sitka and Kalavida
  • Flip-Flops: Sanuk, Reef, Quiksilver & Rip Curl
  • Sunscreen: Zinka, Sex Wax
  • Eyewear and waterproof accessories
  • Towels
  • Bamboo BBQ Sets
  • Frisbees
  • Hacky Sacks
  • Dashboard Hulas
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Ready for Fall Paddling?


If you are one of the growing number of folk who want to paddle in the shoulder seasons (Oct, Nov, Feb-April), we have you covered!  We now have good stock of Xcel and Quiksilver Booties and gloves as well as Quiksilver paddle jackets and more.
View most of them in our online store here

Booties in stock – Reef 1mm, 3mm, 5mm and 7mm


2015 Naish SUP in Stock


The all-new 2015 Naish SUP boards are now in stock including the new Race LE, Javelin GX, Nalu
and Hokua SUP surfers. Stop by and see what next year’s boards look like. Our beach location is open until the end of September and then our new ONLINE STORE will take over during the fall and winters months.

Check out all of our boards here

Naish-Glide-2015-14 Naish-Javelin-GX-2015 Naish-Hokua8'8-GT-2015

Rental Punch Cards Available


Think you might have a case of chronic RENTonitis? We can help ease the pain. If you are planning to come out and rent often, here’s a great opportunity to save money and time with a Kalavida SUP Punch Pass. We now have 4 and 6 pack RENTAL PUNCH PASSES available. We keep your card in the shop so all you have to do is show up, check in and you’re ready to go.

Click the 6-pack for more details>

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