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Twin Fish releases ATB Aquaterra


Twin Fish is known for their graphics and smartly designed boards and they’ve outdone themselves once again.  They have introduced a ‘Limited Edition’ ATB Aquaterra inflatable featuring a new wood grain Fusion-Layer construction.  That means the board will be light and stiff.

The production run is limited to just 16 boards and you can reserve one of six before they even arrive.  Visit our online store for details starting November 17.  Here’s a sneak peek.


Inflatable SUPs and Winter Travel


Inflatate and Go!  Want the ultimate portable SUP solution?  Maybe an inflatable paddleboard package is the best solution for your life.  If you are space-challenged or have a vehicle without a roof rack, an inflatable board kit can be stored in the trunk or backseat with ease. Or take it with you on our Winter vacation…

Inflatable boards are light to carry, easy to store, and the perfect solution for adventurous travelers and those who live in condos / apartments / VW Vans but still want a good performing board.

We have the widest range of Inflatables in the region, maybe even B.C.

  • Red Paddle: Ride, Sport and Explorer Series
  • Twin Fish:  Trek series including the new ATB 11’2
  • Starboard:  Touring and All Rounders
  • Yolo Inflatables

See them all here-

Inflatable Tech 101:  What about the thickness of a board?

  • 4″ thick boards are best for lightweight paddlers and perform better in the surf
  • 4.75″ to 6″ thick boards offer more flotation, stiffness and the ability handle more weight (think gear, kids, dogs, etc.)

How to Choose a Paddleboard


Welcome to the wide world of standup paddleboards! Here is our basic guide to help you understand which board is the right one for you (or your family, friend, relationship, etc). There is both art and science in choosing a board so this guide will serve to provide you with the basic information to point you in the right direction. To further narrow down your search, drop by the shop or call and our staff will be happy to help.

THE KALAVIDA EXPERIENCE (since 2009): Our shop was established in 2009 when the sport was still new in Canada – We are on the water throughout the year and bring years of experience to the conversation. We only work with SUP and Surf brands who are dedicated to growing our current and future water lovers. Our mission has always been to develop and promote the sport so that it grows deep roots in the region (and across the country). Okay, let’s get going…

There are two types of general shapes (and then a variety of sub-categories within);

Planing Hull –
Often referred to as an ‘All-Rounder’ type of board, it’s basic shape looks like an oversize surf longboard, but there’s more to it’s design than meets the eye.
By Activity: Recreational cruising, surfing, river running, fishing, yoga

Displacement Hull – They have a thicker nose and rails that allow them to maintain their speed in all types of water conditions more efficiently. If you want more ‘performance’ (speed and glide), a board from this category might be the best choice.
By Activity: Fast flatwater cruising, fitness, racing, touring, rivers (flat), fishing.


TYPE OF PADDLING                ALL-ROUNDER                  PERF. /  TOUR        INFLATABLE
Recreational Cruising
Racing / Performance
Advanced: 7′-9’8″
River (Rapids & Whitewater)
Inflatable 9’6″-11’6″
Composite 8′-10’6″
Traveling – Limited Space / Tight spaces



At the core of each board is a thick piece of foam and there are many types including EPS (expanded polystyrene ), Polystyrene and Polyurethane. What is most important is how the board is built around the foam (resins, fiberglass, carbon, etc) and there are many types of construction (sandwich, molded, hand-finished, and more). To get a better idea of what’s inside each board, check out the brand’s website.

Advancements in technology have made inflatable boards much stiffer, stronger and lighter. That’s great news for anyone who wants to travel with a board, who doesn’t want to transport it on the roof of their vehicle and for those with limited storage space. They can range in size from 8′ to 14′ for recreational paddling, touring and even racing. Sizing basics –
1. 4″ Thick Boards – Better for lighter paddlers, surfing, and some river paddling. The thinner rail will surf better but a heavier person will flex the board too much.
2. 4.5″-6″ Thick Boards – Better for medium to heavier paddlers or anyone who wants the extra volume. They allow paddlers to carry gear, kids and float higher in the water. Downside: They won’t surf as well as the 4″ thick board and will weight an extra pound or two.

Under 125lbs
4″ thick
4″ thick
4.5″-6″ thick
Under 165lbs
4″ or 6″ thick
4″ or 6″ thick
4.5″-6″ thick
Over 165lbs
4″ or 6″ thick
4.5″-6″ thick
4.5″-6″ thick

There is no doubt we live in a society that is dominated by ‘brand’ named merchandise. The basic concept is to provide you with the confidence that you can trust a specific brand for a range of values (quality, flair, cutting-edge design, etc). What does that mean for us as a consumer?

Is an expensive board actually better value? The word ‘value’ is different for each of us as consumers. Starboard and Naish, for example, have a long history of building all types of boards so they can be counted on for consistent quality and warranty support – This is important when you are looking for long-term value. Red Paddle has focused their efforts on building better inflatables while some of the newer brands that focus solely on SUP boards (Rogue, Twin Fish, Tahoe) are investing in the growth of the sport by supporting events (kids programs, races, etc). This helps develop the necessary roots for the sport so that you’re board has a strong ‘resale’ value in 2, 5, and even 10 years.

There are plenty of ‘knock-offs’ now on the market so be wary of the direct-to-consumer brands. You could get a ‘deal’ from a friend who sells direct to you but what happens when something goes wrong with your board? We saw this trend happen when Snowboarding exploded into the mainstream – today only a handful of those brands remain and they are the ones who invested back into the sport and supported their dealer network.

Safe and Secure


Traveling and want to make sure your board stays on your roof racks?  Or need some protection to keep it away from the elements? Here are a few things to keep your board safe and secure.

Locking Straps & Locks: Kanulock straps can be used on the top of your vehicle racks or other places where you can lock up your board.  They include two sets of keys and come in a variety of lengths.  Simple and easy to use.  Or use a Dockslocks to lock up your board with a cable.

  • Kanulock Locking Straps – Available in variety of lengths for 1,2, or more boards
  • DocksLock – Connects to the leash plug on your board with a long cable.

SUP Board Bags: Storing and traveling with your board inside a Board Bag will keep it away from the elements (wind, rain, heat, flying rocks).  Great for traveling and storage.
– > Available in a variety of styles and prices:

  • Kalavida 10’8 (fits most all-rounders and 10’6 compact touring boards)
  • Kalavida 11’6 (fits most all-rounder and touring boards up to 11’6 in length)
  • Kalavida 12’6 and 14′ – Padded board with features for most race and touring style SUPS
  • FCS Classic Bags – Basic protection
  • FCS Paddled Bags – 12’6 and 14′ Bags – (Best fit for most performance and touring boards)

Storage Racks: Store your board in the garage, house or wherever you have space.  Keeps it way from getting bumped, scratched, etc.

– > Available in three styles from Calfin:

  • Ceiling (U-shape)
  • Elbow (Angle Wall)
  • Rack style (L-shape)


Kalamalka Classic Results Posted


Results posted for the 2017 Kalamalka Classic.


Visit the official website here



One stop SUP Shop


We stock just about everything you’ll need including soft racks, locking straps, board bags, SUP wheels, glow lights, leashes and more. Plus, we can ship across the country. Just call the shop to find out more. Here’s a peek at what we have available – Now available through our Online store – click the banner below to visit the site.Online-Store-Banner

Accessories for SUP:

  • SUP Board Bags: FCS, Dakine, Starboard, Kalavida
  • Kanulock Locking Straps, DocksLocks
  • FCS, Dakine SUP and Surf Leashes (Standard, Coil and new Straight/Coil)

    NSI, Surftech)

  • Paddle blade covers and paddle bags (FCS, Dakine)
  • EZ-Plugs and Lash-it Kits
  • Drybags / Travel bags
  • Rail Tape (Clear tape for rails of your board)
  • FCS Soft Rack Pads (in case you don’t have a roof rack)
  • FCS Tail Gate Pads
  • Dakine Rack Pads
  • Ceiling Racks for boards
  • Inflatable SUP Pumps and Compressor adaptors


  • Clothing from Rip Curl, Quiksilver, Roxy, Ocean Folk, Dakine, Xcel and Kalavida
  • Flip-Flops: Sanuk, Reef, Quiksilver & Rip Curl
  • Sunscreen: Sun Bum, Zinka, Sex Wax
  • Suncloud Eyewear and waterproof accessories
  • Towels
  • Frisbees
  • Hacky Sacks
  • Dashboard Hulas

Demo and Rental Centre


Kalavida’s retail and rental/demo shop is only footsteps from Kalamalka Lake Beach.

Full Service Demo Centre:
If you are in the market for a new board, whether it’s your first ride, or another board for your quiver, you can demo a wide range of boards. At the very least, you’ll get a good ‘feel’ for what you like (or dislike) and from there, it’s easier to choose the right board for you.

Our Service and Support:

  • Education and expertise – We are a rider-owned shop with a compliment of awesome and experienced staff.  Call us or drop by during store hours.
  • SUP Specialists – We’ve made the extra effort to learn everything we can about board construction, brand support, and most importantly – How to make sure you pick the right board the first time.
  • Courses & Clinics –  Learn to Standup with us and then take a clinic or course to improve your skills.
  • SUP Gear –  The shop is fully stocked with everything you’ll need to get started. Board bags, tie-downs, deck attachments and much more. Looking for something just ask!
  • Online Store – Not able to come by the store? Use our Online Store to purchase your board or gear and we’ll ship it to you.

Here’s a preview of what’s available to demo
Race/Tour: Starboard, Infinity, Riviera, Twin Fish
Recreational:  Yolo, Starboard, Twinfish, Naish, Riviera
Inflatable: Red Paddle, Starboard, TwinFish, Yolo


Rental Punch Cards Available


Think you might have a case of chronic RENTonitis? We can help ease the pain. If you are planning to come out and rent often, here’s a great opportunity to save money and time with a Kalavida SUP Punch Pass. We have 4 and 6 pack RENTAL PUNCH PASSES available. We keep your card in the shop so all you have to do is show up, check in and you’re ready to go.

Click the 6-pack for more details>

Donation helps keep Kal Lake Blue


Kalavida Surf Shop is proud to announce a donation to help keep Kalamalka Lake Blue. After another great season of paddleboarding on the lake, a $2,300 cheque was presented to SPKL – The Society for the Protection of Kalamalka Lake, to help the group continue their efforts to protect our drinking water source.

The funds raised come from a variety events including Wahine Wednesdays, Junior JUP, and the Kalamalka Classic SUP Festival – The annual gathering of paddleboard enthusiasts every Labour Day weekend. “It’s been exciting to watch the sport grow and for Kalamalka to gain recognition as a top paddleboard destination” said Kevin O’Brien of Kalavida. “And with that growth in traffic, we felt it was natural for us to help protect our watery playground.” he adds.

With the increased threat to our waterways from Zebra and Quagga Mussels, SPKL will have more resources to help educate the public about how devastating this could be to Kalamalka or any of our local lakes.

“Our events and activities have helped establish Vernon as a destination for the sport so with that increase in activity, we felt it was our responsibility to take a proactive approach” said Michelle Mitchell of Kalavida. “Our shop is across from Kalamalka Beach and that allows us to monitor it each day throughout the busy months.” The donation helps the Society pay for a variety of tests and activities that help keep the lake healthy and safe. The local watershed is popular for all types of local recreation and acts as a source of drinking water for residents in the region.

The SUP community as a whole continues to dedicate efforts to a variety of environmental causes – A group that includes two of Kalavida’s friends; Bob Purdy (Paddle for the Planet) and Norm Hann (Standup for Greatbear). The 8th Annual Kalamalka Classic SUP Festival is scheduled for Sept 1-3rd and will serve as a primary fundraiser for SPKL in 2017. For more details about SPKL and Kalavida, visit their websites at www.spkl.ca and www.kalavidasurfshop.com.

Payment Plans & Storage


Looking to purchase a board for yourself (or for a special occasion) but don’t have the space to keep it?  We are now offering SUP Payment Programs and Free Winter storage options.

1. Payment Plans – Need some time to pay off a new board? Make payments on any new board purchase and we’ll store it until you are ready to complete the purchase and pick it up. This allows you some time to cover the full cost of your purchase spread out over time. Kinda like SUP-Visa without any nasty fees or charges.

2. Free Storage with any board purchase – Purchase a board between November 15, 2016 to March 17, 2017 and we’ll store it for free until April 30, 2017.

Lock up your board!


Keep your board safe on the roof of your vehicle – The Kanulock lockable tiedowns are extremely simple – they work exactly the same way as a regular set of tie-downs with the added bonus of a key-lock and Stainless Steel cables.

Available in four lengths:

  • 2.5M / 8 ft
  • 3.3M / 11 ft
  • 4M / 13 ft
  • 5.4M / 18 ft




You are so Rogue…


Rogue returns to the forefront of SUP Design with their brand new 2015 quiver. Building on the success of their popular All-Water line, a new Blue and Pink series is now available alongside their classics line. Their performance boards (racing and touring) feature a quiver of updated shapes, new graphics and tons of useful features.  New for 2015, Rogue is now offering select models in their new R9 construction making them even more affordable.


All-Waters -Rogue has cornered that part of the market with their impressive line of graphic-drenched All-Water boards.  Notably the first SUP company to veer away from centered logos and traditional longboard lines, Rogue has been the innovator and one look at their boards will tell the story.  The best part is they back it up with industry-leading construction all at a reasonable price.  Available in 102′, 10’8′ and 11’2′ lengths.

Touring Series (11’4″ & 12’6) – Built to suit paddlers who want the speed and glide of a displacement style hull (think smooth and fast) yet portable enough for anyone to load without a struggle. It includes built-in tie-downs for packing gear on the front and back.

Touring 11'6 and 12'6 in R9 Construction

Touring 11’6 and 12’6 in R9 Construction

Utility SeriesLooking for a stable board for both flatwater and surf? The Tesoro line offers up both and although they’ve kept the look on the conservative side, the extra width makes them attractive to newbies and intermediate paddlers.

R1 Race (12’6) and Vandal (14′) – Coming off yet another successful test at the 2014 Battle of the Paddle, they have finally put their race boards into production and they rank among the flashiest on the market.  At around 26lbs, the 12’6 stock-class racer is a dialed production board with carbon inlay and it’s bigger brother, the 14′ R1 Race version is a stealth flatwater flyer.

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